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Our Affordable Mattress Stores: Your Sleep Solution’s Here!

If your mattress has let you down, relief awaits at East Texas’ premier mattress stores and ALWAYS at a rock-bottom closeout price! Thanks to our ongoing mattress sale, at last you’ll have the 7-9 hours of nightly shuteye the doctors say you need. When we match your sleeping position – back, side or stomach – to a mattress with the right firmness, you’ll appreciate the difference. Not only will you feel refreshed upon arising the next day. You’ll be on top of your game, at work or play, every day. The right mattress from us will add years to your life as well as nightly comfort for you and a partner. Here are a few of our customers’ favorite ways we make this mattress magic happen!

Awesome Classic Twin Mattresses

For really deep discounts on your kids’ beds check out our twin mattress assortment with traditional innersprings. These calibrated high-gauge steel coils take over the body’s support from tired muscles so the user can really relax. And on top of it all is a comfort layer so you can have that fabled cloud-like feeling of floating away, even though you’re also getting firm support! Don’t forget that you need to replace a mattress every 10 years. When your beds are due, Adams’ furniture and mattress outlet is ready.

Deluxe Hybrid Queen Mattresses

If you’re sharing a bed and you need to stretch out, then a queen mattress – our customers’ favorite size – is for you! Our best mattresses in this category are made of a winning, lab-proven combination of pocketed coils, the industry standard, surrounding a firm foam core to do the literal heavy lifting. All this is swathed in layers of support foam and topped with memory foam. This adaptable foam has come a long way since its debut as crash cushioning in the space program. Even if you’re a challenging side sleeper, it fits itself to your body’s shape exactly! Plus you get maximum airflow for perfect temperature control, so no more waking up hot and sweaty. If motion disturbance is an issue, ask about our gel foam hybrid mattress options.

At our never-ending mattress sale in East Texas, all of this excellence awaits for YOUR bed